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Product that was shipped in accordance with the specifications in the Order is not returnable. If Customer wishes to return Products based on a claim that they are defective or that they are not comparable to the items that were ordered, Customer may submit to TRC Tactical™ a request for return by emailing; provided, however, that TRC Tactical™ will not approve of return requests received by TRC Tactical™30 days or more after delivery of those Products to Customer. TRC Tactical™ will not issue any refunds or apply any credits except for items that were approved by TRC Tactical™ for return. Customer will ship returns at its own expense and will retain title and risk of loss until receipt by TRC Tactical™ at the designated return destination. Restocking fees may apply. Any items that are returned without TRC Tactical's™ approval will be disposed of by TRC Tactical™ in a manner it so chooses unless Customer prepays shipping costs for their return to Customer.