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All Orders submitted by Customer are subject to acceptance by TRC Tactical™. The preparation of a purchase order by a sales representative of TRC Tactical™, the submission by Customer of a purchase order to TRC Tactical™, or the acknowledgement by TRC Tactical™ of receipt of a purchase order (Order “confirmation”) shall not constitute TRC Tactical's™ acceptance of that Order. TRC Tactical™ may in its sole discretion accept all or any part of an Order or substitute comparable Product for the items that were ordered, in either case by shipping Product. TRC Tactical™ may at any time refuse to ship Product for any reason, even if TRC Tactical™ has received payment for the applicable product. TRC Tactical™ will in its sole discretion determine which of TRC Tactical's™ products are made available to Customer for Orders and determine how to allocate Product among Customer and TRC Tactical's™ other customers. Accordingly, TRC Tactical™ reserves the right to discontinue product lines and to make changes in goods offered at any time. Unless Customer complies with Section 5 regarding returns, Customer will be deemed to have accepted those substitute goods on the terms outlined in TRC Tactical's™ invoice. TRC Tactical™ may cancel an Order at any time because the Order contains an incorrect price, requests Product that Customer is not authorized to sell, or for any other reason, even if TRC Tactical™ has acknowledged or confirmed that Order or has received payment for that Order. In the latter case, TRC Tactical™ will, at its election, either refund the payment or credit Customer’s account. Customer may not cancel an Order after its acceptance by TRC Tactical™. Any Order that conflicts with or that includes provisions (other than item and quantity) in addition to these Terms and Conditions will have no force or effect to the extent it is inconsistent or includes additional terms. TRC Tactical™ will be entitled to accept any Order and to rely on any other written or telephonic request or notice given by a person that appears to be an employee or agent of Customer. Each Order will be subject to and governed in all respects by (a) these Terms and Conditions, and (b) if applicable, Customer’s credit application. Each Order, together with these Terms and Conditions and, if applicable Customer’s credit application, may be referred to collectively as the “Agreement.”